Sunday, February 26, 2017

Filip Filipi/28. Jun on Everipedia 30 Under 30 (2017)

I'm honored to be featured on the Everipedia 30 Under 30 list for 2017. Everipedia is a crowd-sourced online encyclopedia co-founded by Mahbod Moghadam, known for founding Genius (previously called Rap Genius) which is now valued close to $1 billion. With such curators, I was thrilled to be included on this list of young entrepreneurs "massively disrupting the entrepreneurship world". I know Mahbod from my rap days and if he's involved you know it's a serious project.

It's also cool to be the only charity founder on the list and it was nice to see 28. Jun get some recognition. We've come a long way from generating most of our funds from members and inconsistent events. A majority of our donations now come from online as we control the largest Serbian email database in the world along with one of largest social media platforms. I credit much of the optimization and streamlining of the organization to my stint working under Bruce Cran, CEO at Direct Focus Online in Vancouver.

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