Wednesday, May 7, 2014

'Their Future, Our Responsibility' Project for Kids!

Everyone knows I have to do everything in trilogies, humanitarian work is no exception...I bring you 'Their Future, Our Responsibility' or 'Njihova budućnost, naša dužnost'. More details below and check out my interview where I talk about Serbs becoming more like Jews and others stories by the media here, here and here :

The humanitarian organization 28. Jun, announced the start of their third charitable project 'Their Future, Our Responsibility' which will center around helping vulnerable children in Serbia. The initiative will focus on building and renovating schools, delivering clothes and other necessities to orphanages and centers for children with developmental disabilities and holding sport camps for youths with mental impediments. The ambitious project will be accomplished in partnership with the Serbian Red Cross, the Ana & Vlade Divac Foundation and the Serbian Tennis Federation as well as the support of the Serbian Minister of Youth & Sports Vanja Udovicic and the Serbian Orthodox Church. FULL ARTICLE

If you care about helping kids contact to get involved!