Thursday, April 21, 2011

Britic Magazine Interview (Part 1)

Б: You highlighted the plight of Kosovo Serbs and donated profits from your tracks to restoring monasteries damaged by Albanian extremists. How do you respond to those who say Kosovo is already lost to us?

Kosovo will never be lost as long as there are Serbs living on this planet who have knowledge of themselves. We were under Ottoman occupation for 500 years and we defeated them. Kosovo has been occupied since 1999. What’s 12 years compared to 500?

We are responsible for the situation we are in right now. The Albanians wanted Kosovo more and they proved to be more capable and this is self-evident as they now control nearly the entire province. If Serbs truly cared about Kosovo like Palestinians care about the Gaza Strip, no amount of NATO bombs could deter us from our rightful continued resistance. However, we as a people are war fatigued and one could argue rightfully so, therefore this lapse has occurred and we’re experiencing difficult times during which our territory is temporarily occupied.

That being said, I believe if a fair solution isn’t reached through diplomatic means, once the right circumstances present themselves our people will continue our struggle against subjugation by occupiers. FULL INTERVIEW
great interview - special thanks to Nata and Stan!