Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free Signed CD Giveaway!

The first 20 people to invite all their friends to my official Facebook page will receive a signed copy of 'Design & Origin of Stars' or 'Vavilon' mixtape (your choice). The first 30 people after that will receive a link to a high quality download of the mixtape of their choice!


1. Go to
2. Click 'Suggest to friends' and highlight all of them (Fast way of doing it:
3. Take a screen shot (press 'Print screen' on your key board and then go to the email body and press Cntrl+v to paste the picture in your email)
4. Email the screen shot, the name of the CD you want and your address to
5. Your CD will arrive within 5-10 days!

F***kin' Facebook didn't want to transfer my fans from the Sin page after the name change so I had to get creative! Keep checking back for new contests in the coming days as we near the release of 'Design & Origin of Stars' and 'Vavilon' !