Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sin Changes Name to Filip Filipi

I will no longer be going by Sin as my artist name and will now exclusively use my real name: Filip Filipi. I feel the change is appropriate as I enter a more musically mature and genuine chapter of my career. I'm extremely satisfied and proud of the 10 mixtapes I've released as Sin over the last 4 years which include the Sizzerb and Rane trilogies as well as The Supreme Poet and Vijetnam. I feel blessed to have made projects with Dipset and VIP (both whom I consider legendary) while still a teenager and I was happy with my subsequent progress which resulted in the hits Boom and Camouflaged here and Persijska Princeza and Upoznaj Srbiju back home. I am also thankful for some of the negative experiences from which I gained valuable knowledge such as the failed project with Elitni Odredi and the inability to get my last project picked up by a major.

However I felt it was time to head in a new direction which would be defined by more intelligent and timeless music. I felt chained by trends in order to achieve commercial success and this resulted in material which I now see was uncharacteristic of myself. Knowing my real name will be out there for all to see I will be pushed to produce more credible work which isn't hastily put together. I feel rejuvenated and can't wait to get back in the studio. I thank everyone for the support and promise not to let anyone down with the new music!

To update everyone my new sites will be:

I will still be using the Sin Facebook page and Youtube channel while I have the fans transferred over and will still be up for the time being until we phase it out and make a new site