Monday, July 4, 2016

What Kind of People We Want in 28. Jun?

The Serbian people and the human race in general is divided into 3 categories; 85% of the population are blind sheep who are generally good but can be corrupted if placed in immoral environments, 10% are intelligent predators who exploit the 'blind sheep' and 5% are the incorruptable, poor righteous teachers whose eternal enemy is the predatory 10%. From a Serbian Orthodox Christian perspective the 5%ers are 'good' people who will go to heaven and the 10%ers are 'bad' people who will go to hell; they are engaged in an eternal struggle for the souls of the 85%.

Of course there are different levels in each category; a 5%er can be a kid who projects weaker classmates from bullies in elementary school or it can be Patriarch Pavle, Czar Lazar, Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Gandhi, etc

A 10%er can be a low level neighborhood drug dealer or it can be Nero, Vuk Brankvic, George Soros, Hilary Cinton, Pinochet, etc

In 28. Jun we want only the 5%ers! Trying to use our connections for your own personal gain will eventually backfire and will bring much more harm when your true colors are revealed. If you believe that helping the less fortunate should be an integral part of life JOIN US!

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