I named Arke Trust (pronounced AA r k ee) after the Titans' messenger goddess in Greek mythology. In a nutshell, we are a design consultancy specializing in digital branding, website design and social media...but we are so much more...

How did I go from doing cool, revolutionary shit like music, fashion and humanitarian work to marketing?

Well, I didn't. I'm still the president of 28. Jun, I release the odd Maison Filipi piece when Novak is up to model it and I still get checks from iTunes and Dick Clark Productions. However after sitting down and mulling my future I realized my greatest talent lies in marketing.

Secondly, for the past 5 months I worked for Grapevine Global/Direct Focus Online as Director of Special Projects under the mentorship of marketing guru Bruce Cran. I conceptualized and executed the charitable ‘Cecil the Lion Memorial Bracelet’ campaign, resulting in $25,000 in sales during my first week on the job.

The culmination of a decade in marketing in various fields, took place last month when as Digital Media Consultant to the Serbian government, I piloted the #NoKosovoUnesco digital campaign. We successfully advocated a NO vote on Kosovo UNESCO membership; amassing 8.5 mil social media impressions, 140,000 petition signatures and 100,000 viral video views - all on a $300 budget (yes, you read that correctly). The Prime Minister thanked me on TV and sent me a kiss emoji soon after.

What does it all mean?

I am the foremost marketing genius in the world and my partner, Jonathan Lee, isn't far behind. We will work mostly remotely but we opened an office in The Atrium Building in downtown Victoria and are looking to open our second location in San Diego to meet with US clients. With 22 years of combined experience, our cross-disciplinary duo will work to design the look, feel and sound of your brand for the greatest possible impact. Check us out on arketrust.org