Saturday, December 12, 2015

Liberal vs Conservative Mind

In wake of the Trump phenomenon, I've been reading various papers and studies (even genetic research) on the liberal vs the conservative mind. In a nutshell, I would conclude liberals possess an innate, value-shifting justification system which serves to absolve hypocrisy and allow them to navigate through moral 'grey areas' in pursuit of self-interests. However the terms 'conservative' and 'liberal' in this case have nothing to do with their connotations in contemporary political ideology. For example, my grandmother had 3 brothers who were high ranking Partizani in WWII and they killed tens of thousands of people (albeit, who deserved to die; Jasenovac guards, etc) in the name of communism. As they entered old age and approached death they all converted to Orthodox Christianity. My grandmother on the other hand, never killed anyone and generally lived her life according to Christian principles and traditional cultural norms, despite identifying herself as atheist. She is now in her late years herself and does not seem to be interested in any symbolic 'death-bed conversion'. Therefore I would argue it is actually my grandmother who is conservative and her brothers who are liberal, assuming the former is defined as loyalty to core beliefs and the latter as flexible opportunism.

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