Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Organization 28. Jun announced partnership with Harvard Club of Serbia

TORONTO – The humanitarian organization, 28.Jun, announced on Sunday a partnership with the Harvard Club of Serbia to award scholarships to exemplary students as part of their ‘Passport to Education’ project.

The wider scope of the initiative aims to promote and augment educational programs among disadvantaged communities in Kosovo and Croatia. In addition to the scholarships, plans are in place to deliver computers, schools supplies, tutorship programs and other support structures to the young people of these communities, reads the 28. Jun statement.

Organization has recently collaborated with the Red Cross and the UN to assist the people of the Western Balkans. According to the statement, during last year’s Southeast Europe floods, 28. Jun delivered over 250,000 lbs of urgent humanitarian relief to the region, including the airlift of 30,000 lbs of aid directly into Belgrade from Toronto.

The next few months 28. Jun will hold several fundraising events across the world in support of the project. LINK
The last project I will lead...stay tuned

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