Monday, April 29, 2013

Maison Filipi x Vancouver Grizzlies First Nations Logo Collection

For my latest collection I decided to pay homage to Pacific Northwest Native Art and the now defunct Vancouver Grizzlies. I've appreciated indigenous art since I attended a First Nations Art class in grade eight and my childhood was spent cheering for the Grizzlies - so this project was a long time in the making.

Additionally, this collection gave me a chance to shed light on the Idle No More movement to protect First Nations rights in Canada. The grassroots initiative aims to raise awareness to the conditions Indigenous people have been subjected to and it strives to ensure First Nations people have sovereignty over their own land. I will be donating a percentage of sales to support this movement which I find extremely important.

The Vancouver Grizzlies alternate-logo suede strapback hat and beanie are now available at in VERY limited quantities. As always, Maison Filipi products are proudly made in Canada.
Filip Filipi 

Model: Narcisa Music
Photography: Tijana Lilic
Make up: Alana Santos

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