Thursday, May 17, 2012

Filip's Revolutionary Etude In D Minor

West side greetings,

For the past few months I've been dabbling with other genres of music as well as fashion to better express my current artistic mind set. For my first offering I present you with 'Filip's Revolutionary Etude In D Minor' - an instrumental piece produced by Chinese erhu player Jonathan Lee with my assistance on the piano. I have been taking piano lessons (in secret) for the last few months to evolve my musical prowess and basically get on my grown man shit. The visuals were put together by the talented Mr. Sejat of Woodside, Queens.

Download/Stream Filip's Revolutionary Etude In D Minor

I promise not to become the next Ludwig van Beethoven and expect an onslaught of rap songs from me in the coming weeks to make up for this 1/4 life crisis. For the past 8 months I have focused on my 'Boj za Kosovo' project to send medical aid to Kosovo and with the container arriving this weekend I'll be able to get back in the studio! I did mention fashion as well and next week I will launch my new brand 'Maison Filipi' which will focus on high end bow ties. Serbian model/vixen/genius and future star of Basketball Wives Drea Vujovic and photographer Nico Stinghe of Adidas fame shot the campaign photos yesterday. Check out the preview/single cover below.