Thursday, February 16, 2012

Classic Joints

quick update for everyone - my 'Boj za Kosovo' project is winding down and i'm getting back into music...i will be dropping a mixtape soon and a greatest hits type project not long after that...about 2/3 of it will be previously released material which will be re-mastered and 1/3 will be new was very important for me to keep a high level of quality control and present my very best work which meant a lot of cool songs got the axe...some of my fav tracks which got cut are from the start of my career -- the 'thanks to be me' cut from the dip set era is something i wanted to share with my new fans...i also complied a list of my top 5 favorite tracks which despite being dope had to get cut :( enjoy

1. i won't stop
2. my life
3. if god close the gate
4. if i could go back
5. don brate