Saturday, October 29, 2011

Helicopter to Goran Bregovic Concert

i dont usually make random ass posts like this but this is important for 2 reasons: firstly it was the first time i flew in over 10 years (cuz of my aerophobia) and secondly i got to see my idol Goran Bregovic live (from the front row - shout out to Igor!)...i missed the last ferry to vancouver and i had a bunch of vip tickets which i didnt want to go to waste so i took the soon as i posted that i had a bunch of people hit me up thinking i got over my fear of flying NOPE i got over my FEAR OF was the most nerve-wrecking 35 minutes of my life!!! i had 'Mars na Drinu' on repeat the whole time with a careful eye on the emergency exit and life jacket!!! upon landing i kissed the ground, shook the hands of the pilots and thanked GOD!...anyway, add helicopters to the list of means of transportation i won't ever go on for the show it was amazing, i heard 2 songs from him i never heard before ('In the Death Car' and 'Queen Margaret')...i secretly recorded them and will sample them for the new CD ;)...i'm also in touch with his management about a future collabo


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  1. you never heard ''In the Death Car'' before?!?!?! ooo filipe,filipe...