Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wannabe Magazine Interview: Filip Filipi

A few months ago the headlines in Serbia were all about your collaboration with Ceca. When will that finally happen?

She’s obviously had her legal complications but right now the main issue for me is the beat. The beat we got right now is an amazing rap beat. It’s probably the best rap beat of the year. However, it’s a rap beat and I think if I am already going to have such big stars I should make an international hit, not a rap hit. The current situation is I am in touch with Wyclef`s people and I am either going to have him change the current beat or make an entirely new one. I want him involved,  I like the charitable work he did with Haiti and I would like to do something similar for Kosovo with him and Ceca. I’m hoping to drop this track before the New Year. FULL INTERVIEW/SERBIAN
very cool interview and photoshoot, big shout out to my homegirl Marijana Katic (who taught me the new meaning of 'km')