Friday, September 16, 2011

Filipi Wednesdays update #3

i'm back for the last time with the final update before we start #filipiwednesdays next week...the next 3 singles which will drop on consecutive Wednesdays are all produced by Jonathan Lee (he co-produced 'Kosovka' with Deezle) and are among my best tracks to date...i'm really glad i was able to work so closely on my last project with dai lo who i did my first mixtape with...he was with me from the dipset days to the autotune era to the present and had to deal with my craziness the entire time (not to mention death threats to me from albanians and all sorts of other crazy shit) but he kept his Confucius-esque composure throughout and never complained (even when i drank all his beer)...he's moving to LA in search of fortune and i will miss working with him...his new shit is insane and if you need production (writing, video directing, beer) HIT HIM other news i closed the Cartel Argentina clothing line but i will keep doing fashion under the Filip Filipi name, look out for crazy new designs coming real tumblr is blowing the fuck up, my 9/11 pic is sitting on 2568 reblogs!..lastly - i did a track for soccer prodigy Nikon Jevtic's (El Maestro) mixtape, very cool kid + he's got that gemini swag, check both out!!..that's it, no more updates - SONGS COMING NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!

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