Saturday, September 10, 2011

Filip Filipi x Marko Sejat Design - Concept Serbia Basketball Uniforms

The current Serbian basketball jerseys are lame. Our team deserves better. The manufacturer Peak needs to step their game up and have some respect for our legendary basketball program. These 3 beliefs brought me and long time collaborator Marko Sejat together to redesign, re-invent and swag out Serbia's uniforms.

We reverted to the '90s skinny sleeve and circular neck cut. The wide sleeve hinders a players shot and gives them a reason to skip work outs because it masks how skinny some of these players actually are. The new design will improve shooting percentage and get some of these dudes to bulk up. We went away from the v-neck cut because a basketball court isn't a night club. For the home and away jerseys (the alternate is in latin) we decided to use the Cyrillic alphabet because its uniquely Serbian and true to our identity and culture. 'Србија' is positioned above the numbers on the chest to show the importance of the team before the individual.

The uniforms are white with 'Србија' written in blue with a secondary thin blue outline. The side panel is adorned with the CCCC (Само слога Србина спасава) national motto laser etched into the fabric like the American national team has.
We went with the rich dark blue used on our flag as the main color with a red trim. 'Србија' is written in white with a red trim and black shadow. We also minimized the trim pattern on the side using only a subtle red outline.

Our most experimental design is definitely the away alternate. We used red as the base color with the tiger stripe camo pattern influenced by the milicija uniforms of 1999 completing the revolutionary look. It's been scientifically proven teams with red uniforms win more and we see the military as a fundamental pillar in Serbian culture hence we paid homage with the camouflage.

We insist (in the name of swag) that Peak and the Serbian Basketball Federation consider our designs in time for the Olympics next summer! Good luck to our boys against (those cheating bastards) Turkey Sunday!! Me and Marko got $5 G's on SRBIJA!!!