Sunday, May 15, 2011

Britic Magazine Interview (Part 2)

Б: Libya air-strikes?

Blatant imperial aggression on the part of France, the UK and the US. The intense courting of Gaddafi a few months prior to the unrest shows the shameless levels of prostitution they will go to for oil. The demographics of Libya aren’t ideal for democracy. It’s an artificial country created by the British which incorporated three separate kingdoms. Imagine the US wasn’t as successful in their genocide of Native Americans and huge portions of the country were under control of various tribes. Those tribes would democratically vote to separate and the US would spiral in violent fragmentation. This is currently the case in Iraq, another gem of an intervention and it will happen in Libya if Gaddafi is overthrown. FULL INTERVIEW

thanks to Nata and Stan again for the great questions! too bad we did the interview before the royal wedding!...check out Part 1 too