Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Filipi Wednesdays update #1

first off i wanted to thank everybody who voted for Mandolins Cry in the video competition...this week is the LAST ROUND  - voting ends Wednesday April 27th so i need everyone to go vote at least 100 times! this dickhead is clearly cheating so he someone got similar numbers to me last VOTE VOTE VOTE...a lot of people have been asking me if Ceca's recent legal trouble will affect our track, I'll have the answer very soon and will be updating everyone on the status of that project in the next few weeks (hint: it's not canceled) far as new tracks go i've been writing and going through beats and samples everyday...there is a song called "gaddafi" in the works and it goes hard and will remind a lot of people of my older, grimier shit...oh yeah iPhone app on the way as well!.. to stay up to date 'like' my facebook page and follow me on twitter @filipfilipi