Friday, March 25, 2011 Interview

mym Brian: 7. You’ve never been one to hide your political views - 3 years ago Kosovo's government “unilaterally” declared independence from Serbia ,why is this an important issue for you and do you think the general public should pay more attention to what happens like this throughout the globe?

Filip Filipi: The Kosovo issue is important to me because it's a matter of naked injustice. During the '90s the West supported Croatia as they expelled the entire Serbian population from the Krajina region, where they were the majority. A few years later they enabled the Albanian population in Kosovo to declare independence and one of their justifications was that they were the majority. This is a flagrant double standard to serve their own self interests. America has since built its biggest military base in Europe in Kosovo.

The humanitarian excuse is complete bullshit. Serbs did participate in extrajudicial killings in retaliation to attacks by Albanian narco-insurgents and I don't condone this. In fact, I'd personally shoot any Serb who killed or raped innocent civilians. However, armed separatists who were trying to rip our heartland away from us to secure their heroin transit routes are a legitimate target. If we used this same logic of rewarding land to those who suffered than surely there wouldn't be enough planets in our solar system to compensate the Serbian nation for the loses it has endured throughout its entire blood soaked existence.

The general public couldn't find the Pacific Ocean on the map, much less Kosovo. However, the people in power who are dictating foreign policy are much better informed. Besides knowing where Kosovo is, they also know about the $4 billion Trepca mine complex there. They know about the geopolitical importance of installing a military base on Russia's doorstep. They know about the ideological importance of destroying the remnants of Yugoslavia, which was a successful socialist state. FULL INTERVIEW

great interview and great questions for an organization i really support, big shout out to Brian & Samantha for making it happen