Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1:33 AM (PST) March 2nd, 2007

i can't believe it's been 4 years since i wrote 'Mandolins Cry' for my date it's still my personal favorite so i'd like to share how it came to be...the beat i used was actually laying around on my computer for a while and i just didn't know what to do with it until i set out to dedicate a song to my Serbian tradition you're not supposed to watch tv or listen music for 40 days after somebody dies so i had quite a while to think about how i wanted to do this song...i wrote down some lines and took it to the studio but a lot of it i just did on the spot...the reason the chorus sounds off is because i originally did it as a guide for someone else to sing...i had just finished Persijska Princeza with Boban Rajovic which turned out great and the fact he and my grandma both speak with a Montenegrin accent persuaded me to have him sing the hook...however when the track was being mixed, the engineer as well as another Serbian musician who happened to be in the studio both said my version of the hook was "more unique" made sense to me because the song was from me to my grandma so we ran with that version (you can check the version with Rajovic HERE)... i'm aware i got a funny accent and i'm the world's worst singer but the track is directed to my grandma so i don't really care what people think...the part at the end about Kosovo and albanians I did because my grandma is from Kosovo and the year before they had the pogroms to remove all Serbs from there and they were also about to announce their independence...looking back i think it cheapens my song and I'll probably remove it or shorten it for the album version

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