Monday, February 7, 2011

Takeover of Serbian Media

i'm very thankful that the part of my interview where i touch on the Ceca collabo was picked up by most of the Serbian media...however there were several sites and newspapers which ran dishonest headlines like "Ceca repuje" and posted Lil Wayne's mug shot (i won't lie i think it's hilarious, just let me finish the fuckin song please!)...besides jeopardizing the unfinished song it also cheapens the integrity of the actual product which i've been working on for months and feel is truly a great piece of music...PLEASE READ MY ACTUAL INTERVIEW IN SERBIAN OR IN ENGLISH to get the actual truth on the progress of the song...the song is still far from finished and i have a really cool idea on getting the fans involved in the creation of the song...i'm posting all the outlets that quoted me directly and didn't manipulate the story - thank you again!