Thursday, February 10, 2011

February Update: 'Filipi Wednesdays' & Ceca

hi people

i'd like to announce that i am back in the lab and working on new tracks which i will start releasing in about a month, once a week on 'Filipi Wednesdays'...follow my twitter for all the latest updates regarding who i will be collaborating with on those! the near future i will also leak a snippet of the ghost track for '500' which i made for Ceca, through select media outlets, if you're interested in receiving that and other exclusive music please consider signing up to the Balkan Music Cartel mailing list...also a big congratz to the CD giveaway winner: Saša Dodoš!...if you want another chance to win a signed copy of Design & Origin of Stars, my homie Djordje is running a giveaway on his blog Urbana Poppin' Champaign...speaking of blogs - we're doing a major relaunch of my lifestyle (anything other than my own music) blog: Offspring Of Mama's Beauty , i'm looking to get new writers so check out the blog and if you would like to contribute send me an email to a big thank you to all my fans who have helped me pass 25,000 likes on my Facebook page this week!