Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Master's Thesis Project

when compiling the tracks for Master's Thesis i took several factors into consideration. i looked at my personal favorites (Blood In My Eyes, Mandolins Cry, Clouds Over Montana), i looked at the most commercially successful (Boom) and i took into account fan favorites (If I Could Go Back, My Life). I also wanted the tracklist to reflect my cultural background (Persijska Princeza, Upoznaj Srbiju) and not be dependent on featured artists so i selected songs written entirely by me (Hurricane Ana, All I Need). lastly, i included little known tracks which may have gone under the radar (I Won't Stop, Slav, 1991) and of course some brand new tracks which reflect how far my art has progressed to this point (500). the song selection process was extremely strenuous as i had to pick 14 songs from over 250. every track will be remastered for the CD!

every song on this tape is special to me because i took part in every aspect of their creation from production to hand picking the collaborators. my inspiration for including serbian tracks on this project comes from wycelf jean's early albums where he had a several songs in french at the very end of the disc. the project is not uniform in any way because it chronicles my recordings from the 5 last years encompassing various influences, trends and topics. if you think the cover has nothing to do with the project, you're right, it doesn't! this is my best work in its raw form and the idea i have had for this cover i have been saving for years. after contemplating several titles for this project i decided on Master's Thesis. the reason i selected this name is because had i chosen formal education over music when i finished high school i could have completed a masters degree in the time it took me to create this CD.

i compare Master's Thesis to a sculpture which i have chiseled away at for 5 years which is finally ready to be presented to the world in its final form. i consider this project the magnum opus of my journey through music and i look forward to sharing it with everyone in the coming months.