Sunday, November 7, 2010

Which song would you like to be added to the new 'greatest hits' mixtape?

I need the fans help in deciding which song to put on the last open spot on my upcoming 'greatest hits' mixtape: 'Life, Money and Cashmere'

Don Brate (Feat. Elitni Odredi)

If God Close the Gate

If I Could Go Back (Feat. Andres)

My Life



  1. 'If I Could Go Back' is a dope track with a great story, shit is borderline poetic, keep it.

  2. how bout you dont put on anymore old songs that are on every single mixtape and go back to that style you had when you first started rapping. this whole lil' wayne style that everyone wants to adapt to make it big is kinda annoying. Sin was a much better name than filip filipi and also your style was original and you have good word play but your rap is starting to sound like corporate rap.