Thursday, November 18, 2010

November Update: Finished Recording the "Ceca Duet"


a quick monthly update on the state of affairs...some media outlets have reported on a possible duet with probably the biggest singer in the ex-yu region Svetlana Raznatovic "Ceca"...this is in fact TRUE...i finished recording '500' yesterday - it took me 3 sessions, which is unheard of for me and it came out EPIC...i sent the lyrics for the hook to Vedrana to see how they would sound and she did an amazing job (look out for a future collabo with her)...i then sent the ghost track to Ceca's management and they LOVED IT (like everyone else who heard it) so we're all optimistic something will get done before she leaves for her upcoming Australia i've stated previously this is my final rap song and i went all out!!!...i worked on the lyrics for 2 months and when i got hit with writers block i went to my old neighborhood at like 4 am to get inspiration !!! I'm very happy with how my verses came out and can't wait for the track to get will be the lead single from my new project 'Life, Money and Cashmere' (vote here for which song you'd like to see added to cd) which im hoping to drop around New Years