Saturday, July 3, 2010

Finished recording! New tracks coming soon

i have finally finished recording for Design & Origin Of Stars and Vavilon !!!...we're starting mixing this week and the track lists for both cds should be up as soon as we figure out the song order...however fuck all that, i know everyone wants to know what tracks i got coming out next, so here it is..................the next single for 'stars' is called Johannesburg and features Gucci Mane, Hyper Crush & Christian Rich, i'm hoping to drop this around July 7th in conjunction with the world cup semifinals - THIS TRACK IS INSANE!!!...the first video will be shot for Hurricane Ana -- the fans have spoken and that song was the runway winner with 52% of the vote...the video will be shot in LA later this month! the album version and serbian version will be released in the next few days and i got a SUPERSTAR guest (hint: she's the most famous 'ana' in the world) to do a lil something on the song...the next single for Vavilon will be either 'No Limit' feat. Natasa Kojic Tasa or 'Samo Zelim Da Znam 2010' feat. Dee Monk, i'm hoping to drop that in next week or so as well!

keep checking back for the new singles and follow me on for all the latest updates!

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