Friday, March 5, 2010

Design & Origin of Stars update #3

zdravo!..the perfect mixtape known as Design and Origin of Stars is nearing completion...i have a studio in Vancouver booked for march 9th (i had to wait for the Olympic hoopla to finish) so i can finally begin recording...the first single will definitely be 'Hurricane Ana' feat. Collie Buddz and will drop on Thursday March 11th...i don't think i'll be taping the studio session and recording because i need to FOCUS but i will do a quick video update when i get out of the studio...the project so far is phenomenal but i won't make any bold proclamations until it is recorded and mixed...the project is a gem which has been polished down to 14 songs over the last 6 months and we have never been more confident in a anticipation of the new release the brilliant Marko Sejat has redesigned, my Twitter, Myspace and YouTube -- i want everyone to follow me on all these outlets in order to get the latest news and releases, i realize it will be a while until i accumulate the same following i had as Sin but i'm confident the new direction will ultimately prove to be more successful