Monday, February 1, 2010

Design & Origin of Stars update #2

greetings earthlings...the tape is going great so far however i had to cut a few songs, i am now dead set on 15 new songs +intro/outro and a re-release of 3 older ones as bonus update everyone on the features: i'm in advanced stages of negotiation with the management of Chrisette Michele, Gordon Voidwell, Yeasayer, Dorrough and 2 Pistols on top of the features i named in update 1...there's also a possibility that Shane Sparks may debut his rapping skills on my tape...i've re-written some verses so they're even hotter, definitely look forward to some memorable lines on this CD...there's a few more details on an interview i did last week, on music as well as life (and bosnian girls)...if you have any questions i found a cool little site which i try to answer regularly and if you wanna stay updated in real time follow my update will hopefully be from the booth, check back soon!