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Serbian Non-Profit 28.Jun Hopes Sales of Song Will Generate Shipping Costs for Much Needed Aid for Balkan Flood Victims

Serbian Non-Profit 28.Jun Hopes Sales of Song Will Generate Shipping Costs for Much Needed Aid for Balkan Flood Victims

$50,000 Needed to Ship 1.5 Million Dollars of Donated Relief Items by Plane To The Balkans

Toronto, CA - Can a song save the world? Perhaps.
Following the heaviest rains to hit the Balkans in over a century, causing massive flooding and displacing over 930,000 people across the region, the need for aid is great. Primary health care facilities in most of the affected areas have sustained damage and with the loss of both crops and functional water supply systems, food and clean water continue to be a top priority for those in need. American and Canadian Serbs have sprung into action to answer this need and over 100 tons of humanitarian aid, valued at over $1.5 million, is now ready for partners at the Serbian Red Cross to distribute to the thousands of flood victims. Humanitarian non-profit organization, 28.Jun, has gathered product donations from brands including Gatorade, Target, Walmart and Huggies and Canadian brands including Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall and Loblaw’s. 28.Jun and the Red Cross of Serbia are working closely to provide humanitarian aid to the flood victims of Serbia and Bosnia. What are needed now are funds to cover the shipping costs.
“We’ve received a lot of support from communities all over Canada, the United States and the world,” said Filip Filipi, president of 28.Jun. “Right now, we need financial assistance to get our cargo plane off the ground as soon as possible. We have to raise another $50,000 and we will not stop until the plane takes off. We have a responsibility to help our people at this time of crisis,” he expressed.
28.Jun’s cargo plane is set to fly directly from Toronto to Belgrade as soon the funds are raised and could leave at a moment's notice. The aid will then be distributed to the victims of flooding in Serbia and Repulika Srpska.
The solution? In addition to the usual fundraising efforts already in place, 28.Jun president, Filip Filipi, whose role in life before starting the non-profit was that of music artist, hopes that donated funds from a song he wrote as an ode to his grandmother, who first inspired his philanthropic career change, will help. Entitled “Mandonlins Cry” the song is available for purchase on iTunes. All sale proceeds will be used to finance the cargo plane’s flight from Toronto, where the donated items are now housed, to the Balkans where they will be distributed.
The brainchild of Filipi and longtime friend, Mia Divac, “Mandolins Cry” was written in both English and Serbian, Filipi’s native tongue. The correspnding music video, which actually incorporates two songs, was produced by the two in collaboration with ZG Films and was directed by Gregory J. Brown.
Filipi hopes that the song will further generate awareness of his peoples’ plight and inspire them not only to help, but also to spread the word amongst their friends and family members.
"Food, medical supplies and hygiene products are in desperate need on the ground in this region and a shipment of this quantity would help immensely," said Ljubomir Miladinovic, head of International Relations Department at the Red Cross of Serbia.
"We want to thank everyone who donated and stress we need the public's help in finishing off this humanitarian effort. We need about $50,000 more to send off this aid, which is worth millions so please donate generously," added Fillipi.

Music Video on YouTube: towards this massive effort can be made via Paypal at For more details regarding this humanitarian effort, visit

About Organization 28 Jun 
Organization 28. Jun ( is a registered non-profit organization engaged in humanitarian, social and philanthropic functions. The organization works closely with the Red Cross of Serbia and the Serbian Government to provide humanitarian aid to vulnerable people of Serbia and Bosnia. To date, it has sent over $5,000,000 worth of aid, helping over a million people. The people of Serbia and Bosnia are now in dire ne

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Maison Filipi X Black Arrow: The Wolf Tee RE-STOCKED


All proceeds go towards the 'Their Future, Our Responsibility' Project to help kids with disabilities. More info here.

In Slavic mythology the chief God of the Serbs was Dažbog, God of the Sun and the Underworld, whose animal form was a wolf. Dažbog frequently changed his shape, and his earliest wolf form remained his symbol. As the Serbs considered themselves his descendants, the wolf became a sacred animal. Upon adopting Christianity, folk imagination placed a wolf at the side of the father of the Christian Serbia, St Sava.

Maison Filipi x Black Arrow for 28. Jun

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'Their Future, Our Responsibility' Project for Kids!

Everyone knows I have to do everything in trilogies, humanitarian work is no exception...I bring you 'Their Future, Our Responsibility' or 'Njihova budućnost, naša dužnost'. More details below and check out my interview where I talk about Serbs becoming more like Jews and others stories by the media here, here and here :

The humanitarian organization 28. Jun, announced the start of their third charitable project 'Their Future, Our Responsibility' which will center around helping vulnerable children in Serbia. The initiative will focus on building and renovating schools, delivering clothes and other necessities to orphanages and centers for children with developmental disabilities and holding sport camps for youths with mental impediments. The ambitious project will be accomplished in partnership with the Serbian Red Cross, the Ana & Vlade Divac Foundation and the Serbian Tennis Federation as well as the support of the Serbian Minister of Youth & Sports Vanja Udovicic and the Serbian Orthodox Church. FULL ARTICLE

If you care about helping kids contact to get involved!

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Thank You.

I would like to express my long overdue gratitude to everyone who supported the 'Srpske zemlje, Srpski rod' project which delivered 50 tons of medical and humanitarian aid worth millions of dollars to Serbs in Kosovo i Metohija, Republika Srpska, Montenegro, Krajina and Serbia. In particular I want to thank our members who put on fundraising and awareness events in 126 cities all across the world. I would also like to thank the Serbian Orthodox Church, and the numerous Serbian athletes and celebrities who supported this cause!

I apologize it has taken me this long to properly show my appreciation to all those without whose help we couldn't have done this. In my defense, I have been overly busy setting up our next humanitarian project for kids - 'Their Future, Our Responsibility'. Despite great achievements there have been setbacks and we have to establish the mindset that helping others is a life long commitment. Lastly, I would like to share a story which was one of the reasons I was inspired to create 28. Jun: (use Google translator if you can't speak Serbian)

The struggle continues...

- ΦΦ

Special Thanks...

Nikola Peric
Sasa Dodos
Marko Sejat
Milo Dubak
Kosovka Spreco
Suzi Bicanin
Vanja Petrovic
Jovana Zelenbaba
Marina Kuzmanovic
Zdravko Kuzmanovic
LP Corbett
Juliana Pandurevic
Jovan Subotic
Marko Racic
Branka Celap
Mile Celap
Petar Cimbur
Aleksandar Rakic
Stevo Rakic
Marko Vujadin
Danijela Matic
Ognjen Radoicic
Milinko Filipovic
Milan Belusevic
Boris Aksentic
Neven Vujinovic
Marko Gvozdenovic
Milena Colovic
Dragan Keseric
Andrija Stanojcic
Dusan Matic
Neda Marilovic
Aleksandar Golijanin
Diana Todic
Dijana Loncar
Nikola Crnobrnja
Amanda Andjelkov
Nenad Arcaba
Kristina Jovanovic
Slobodan Jokic
Tamara Pavlovic
Marija Oluic
Marija Karlicic
Milesa Cirovic
Natasa Jelenic
Jan Komarica
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Marko Bakoc
Andrej Babic
Jovana Magazin
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Stefan Sofronijevic
Ricki J Booth
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